What is Centerpoint Advisory Services known for?2017-01-21T10:39:18-06:00

We are known for The Quality of Life (QOL) Process and our focus on independent, proactive personal financial advice. Like our name, we become the “center-point” or the point of contact for all of our clients’ wealth management concerns. Our goal is to have all of our clients view us as their personal CFO.

What is The Quality of Life (QOL) Process?2017-01-21T10:39:18-06:00

The QOL Process outlines your entire relationship with Centerpoint Advisory Services. We developed The QOL Process as a client centered, life encompassing, strategic planning process. It isn’t a five step process that ends after you become a client and a portfolio is designed, like what you might have experienced with other advisors. Instead, it is a continuum, a process that is ongoing as your needs, goals and life change. Our focus on our clients is equally as important as our focus on investment performance. One of our philosophies is, what good are “above average” returns, if your goals are still unmet? Therefore, we designed The QOL Process to focus helping you set goals and ultimately aid in the pursuit of these agreed upon goals, objectives and life passions.

What Services does Centerpoint Advisory Services provide?2017-01-21T10:39:18-06:00

The Financial Advisors at Centerpoint Advisory Services provide independent, unbiased personal financial advice and services in close cooperation with your other professional advisors. Depending on the level of sophistication needed, our team includes tax professionals, legal advisors as well as corporate trust services. Our specialization is Investment Management. As part of our Quality of Life Process, we review cash flow and tax strategies, estate planning techniques and risk management. Centerpoint Advisory Services delivers and coordinates a full range of financial services for individuals, families, medical specialists and small business owners.

What is Centerpoint Advisory Services’ investment process?2017-01-21T10:39:18-06:00

Centerpoint Advisory Services will tailor a unique investment strategy for each client. First, we draft an Investment Policy Statement outlining your objectives, targeted investment returns and risk capacity – both emotional and financial.

Next, we develop and implement each clients approved investment program. Our investment selection process combines both quantitative and qualitative screening factors and analysis. The quantitative component involves ranking managers within each asset class based on criteria including risk-adjusted performance, style adherence, alpha, Sharpe ratio, Beta, correlation with other assets, etc. Our qualitative review step includes meetings and phone calls with portfolio managers and company representatives, in-depth review of the manager’s investment process and philosophy, the organizational structure of the firm, experience and tenure of the investment management team, firm ownership interests in the investments they manage and other items.

Finally, Centerpoint Advisory Services monitors your investments and overall portfolio strategies for changes that can affect the pursuit of your goals. Not only do we watch over your portfolio for changes that may indicate underperformance, we feel it is equally important to monitor and make adjustments to our advice based on your ever-changing life. This includes items such as your risk capacity, family, goals and lifestyle.

*Alpha measures the difference between a portfolio’s actual returns and its expected performance, given its level of risk as measured by Beta.  A positive (negative) Alpha indicates the portfolio has performed better (worse) than its Beta would predict.  The Sharpe ratio is a risk-adjusted measure of the excess return (or Risk Premium) per unit of risk in an investment asset or a trading strategy.   Measures a portfolio’s volatility relative to its benchmark.  A Beta greater than 1 suggests the portfolio has historically been more volatile than its benchmark.  A Beta less than 1 suggest the portfolio has historically been less volatile than its benchmark. Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

What is Centerpoint Advisory Services’ service philosophy?2017-01-21T10:39:18-06:00

Service excellence is the norm. We use a team approach for our small, successful group of clients. We pay close attention to detail and focus on a proactive relationship that emphasizes communication, education and an outstanding client experience. We strive to consistently provide meaningful strategies for our clients. You can expect immediate assistance whether working with your personal advisor or another member of our team.

How is Centerpoint Advisory Services Compensated?2017-01-21T10:39:18-06:00

Our advisors are independent, and primarily provide fee-based Investment Management. A majority of our clients prefer the institutional advisory platform (offered through LPL Financial) that allows us to pick the most suitable investments, money managers and financial products available that can help address your goals. This limits the potential conflicts of interest that can develop with proprietary product based firms. For clients with limited needs or that prefer other arrangements, we remain flexible with other options available.

As a Centerpoint Advisory Services client, will I have online access to my accounts?2017-01-21T10:39:18-06:00

Yes, Centerpoint Advisory Services clients have online access to view their accounts. Additionally, clients may have access to the Centerpoint Advisory Services Wealth Management System. This single secure location streamlines your accounts from over 5,000 providers (i.e. 401(k), bank, brokerage accounts, etc.). It also includes your assets, private documents, insurance coverages and your retirement and cash flow models. They are up-to-date and accessible whenever you want them.

Does Centerpoint Advisory Services receive any discounts or special access to investment vehicles?2017-01-21T10:39:18-06:00

Centerpoint Advisory Services clients do on occasion have access to certain products that may not be available through other channels. Additionally, through our relationship with our broker dealer, LPL Financial, we have been able to obtain discounts or special share classes with many of the money managers that we use. These are due to economies of scale and the professionals at Centerpoint Advisory Services receive no special compensation from the managers we recommend.

Can Centerpoint Advisory Services provide value if I already work with an accountant, money manager or attorney?2016-03-08T14:14:12-06:00

Yes. Clients often come to Centerpoint Advisory Services with various trusted advisors but with no one advisor overseeing the whole. By coordinating your professional advisors and ensuring the congruency of each professional’s advice, Centerpoint Advisory Services integrates and enhances the value that each provides.